We are RR Production
. Event agency that specializes in organizing tailor-made events, i.e. turnkey events​

Turnkey events

We prepare each event tailored to the client needs, according to personal ideas, and at the same time we always give our recommendations to every client. We provide a complete solution from planning to the organization itself.

Hostesses and promotes

We will find the most qualified one for every event! We select our hostesses based on the nature of the event, we assess the appearance, communication or organizational skills.

Rental of equipment

We can offer lighting and effects devices. We can also provide tents, event inventory and decorative accessories.

Children's events

We specialize in fairy-tale concepts for children in a playful and educational way. Our portfolio also includes mascots, bouncy castles and inflatables.

Our event agency, vision and mission

Our vision is to become the TOP1 event agency in Slovakia in the preparation of „turnkey events“. We are dedicated to bringing our clients unique, creative and memorable events that exceed their expectations. With our passion for the event industry, professional approach and constant innovation, we want to constantly improve our services. We want to be a well-known and recognized brand that combines creativity with excellent organization and precision.

The mission of the RR production agency is to plan and organize tailor-made events, i.e. „turnkey events“, which exceed the expectations of our clients. We try to bring creativity, innovation and perfect organization to every event we prepare. Our passion is to turn our clients‘ concepts and visions into reality, taking care of every detail and ensuring their events are unforgettable. We believe that quality events lead to a strong connection and leave a lasting impression. We are here to help our clients achieve their goals and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Benefits you get with us

Expertise and experience

You have access to an experienced team of experts who have many years of experience in organizing various types of events.

Efficiency and time savings

As they say, time is money, and thanks to our automation and synchronization of activities, we can prepare events efficiently in a short time.

Personalized approach

Our agency will help you create an event exactly according to your needs and ideas.

Extensive event portfolio

As an event agency, we offer various types of events from corporate parties, through conferences, promotions to children's events. For each type of event, we have several thematic variations on offer.

Crisis management

We are ready to deal with unpredictable situations. Thanks to many years of experience, we often solve unexpected problems within a few minutes, which does not jeopardize the overall course of the event.

Stress Relief

We will take care of all the details when organizing your events. In this way, you will be relieved of the stress that organizing an event usually brings, so you can fully enjoy your event with your guests.

What our event agency offers to you


We are an event agency that specializes in organizing custom-made events, i.e. turnkey events. We have been operating since 2014 and cover an average of 100 events a year throughout Slovakia. The agency was created with the passion and vision of bringing unrepeatable experiences to life. Our offer is wide and diverse – from professional conferences, elegant company parties, through vibrant discos, to joyful children’s events and many other turnkey events or based on specific client requirements. Our goal is to surprise and delight our clients at a professional level and ensure that their events are unique and leave a lasting impression.

Recent events

We were honored that our event agency was involved in planning and organizing these events.

Open door day cement factory Danucem

We’ve taken care of the technical arrangements for the opening day of the Danucem cement factory. For visitors, we have set up tents, catering, a TV that played an informational video. Not even a professional photographer and cameraman was missing.

Mastermind MONACO 2023

Our event agency from Slovakia had the honour of securing a business conference in beautiful Monaco. With the expertise and passion to organise events, we have created an unforgettable experience for the participants. The conference at this luxurious Le Meridien Beach Plaza on the French coast brought a number of important leaders in the networking sector and a special guest, Nela Slováková. Our role included planning, coordination, technical support and staffing. The hostesses, the branding of the company, and the various performance enhancements to the atmosphere were all there to ensure the smooth running of the event in the beautiful surroundings of Monaco.

Empire con 8 Steel Aréna Košice

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for thorough contingency management, and the organised business conference at Steel Arena in Košice is living proof of that. From the beginning to the end, our event agency has taken care of everything: From detailed programme planning and technical security to the creation of an impressive branding of the company, which has left a lasting impression on the participants. This event was not only due to its professionalism, but also to the exclusive VIP party we have prepared for our guests. However, this was not just an ordinary business event – we had the honour of welcoming a special guest, Attila Végha, who shared with us his successes and failures at the start of the business. Of course, our hostesses weren’t missed here either.

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